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Patient Testimonies

Deborah, my speech pathologist, helped me a lot. I couldn’t eat after I had my stroke. She gave me exercises that I followed, and she used the VitalStim. Now, I am able to eat, and I was able to have the feeding tube removed. I had no idea how your swallowing can be hurt after a stroke. I am really happy with the therapy that Deborah gave me. Samuel W.
Cheryl, my son Damien’s speech pathologist, utilized every idea that I suggested to her about working with him. If I made a suggestion, she incorporated it into her therapy treatments. She also gave helpful hints about what the family could do to help improve Damien’s communication ability. I also like that she included his little brother in the therapy sessions. I found that this was helpful because it allowed the whole family to be included in helping Damien. We were all involved in Damien’s progress. Cheryl was patient, mindful, respectful and sweet. I enjoyed the time she spent with Damien. Rosario C.